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How can The Learning Lady support your school?

Inspiring Teaching, Improving Learning

Key ingredients to your Early Years magical solution could include:

  • Live teaching demonstrations and filming of good practice
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Training and staff meetings
  • INSET for individual or groups of schools / settings
  • Monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Facilitation of professional discussions and staff forums
  • Capacity building for the Early Years within the Senior Leadership Team

Here are some areas in which The Learning Lady has already added incredible value to the children and staff in a wide range of schools and settings, some of which may be of interest to you

Early Years Health Checks

Monitoring, evaluation, feedback and guidance , with practical forward thinking solutions and ideas to move practice forward and support future planning.

Objective Led Planning

Supporting Staff in improving outcomes through child led learning, strategic thinking and use of data. 

Fabulous Phonics

Improving Good Level of Development and Y1 Screening Check Outcomes – for those new to teaching phonics or those seeking fresh inspiration!

modelled teaching 1

Creative Maths: EYFS Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Addressing the critical area of problem solving in early mathematical development by improving  adult led learning and continuous provision opportunities. Essential for improving Good Level of Development outcomes and readiness for Y1.

number bond cakes

Ready For Reading- Pre-phonics In Nursery 

Impacting on school readiness by developing exceptional teaching of pre-phonic skills in your school or setting; enabling children to tune in, remember and talk about sounds in readiness for the phonic work to come. 

Improving Writing- A Winning Formula! 

Using tried and tested methods, The Learning Lady’s combination of  structured teaching, delivered in a fun and creative way,  will leave your children and staff wanting more!

jubilee 1



Let Me Out Of Here!!

Outdoor learning at its best! Inspiring ideas for developing space on a shoestring, planning for learning, repurposing of space and use of existing resources, forward thinking and a fresh pair of eyes to get your staff really thinking!



How do I learn best ?

Improving the crucial area of learning through play ;  enabling staff to think more critically to develop learning environments  and the ways in which we interact with children as they play.


What On Earth Are They Learning?

Improving observation and assessment for accurate baselining, planning, reporting and profiling.

None of these applicable to your school?

Simply get in touch and let The Learning Lady provide a customised package which suits the individual needs of your school or setting.

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