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Let’s Investigate!

It feels like there’s not a minute to spare in our busy classrooms, so making the most of every available opportunity is vital. Giving children plenty of time to practise emerging literacy skills, while learning something new about the world around them, is a smart choice. Let’s Investigate is the latest inspirational, time saving resource by The Learning Lady. It’s jam packed with simple investigations which will provide your children with the opportunity to read and write with meaning, linking aspects of Literacy with the wider curriculum . The children will be rolling, growing, floating and shining a light on success before you know it!


Let’s Investigate includes all of the recipes and resources for ten exciting, yet simple, adult led activities which apply phonics and the characteristics of effective learning in a winning formula. As always, The Learning Lady has designed reading and writing activities which your class will love because they are fun, practical and have been tried and tested by children in real classes just like yours! There are plenty of Learning Lady Top Tips with practical suggestions for displaying and presenting the learning so that you can ‘show off’ how brilliant your class really are!

And the best part… The Learning Lady has done all of the thinking and making for you! With just a few clicks, and for the bargain price of £5.99, Let’s Investigate can be in your email inbox within less that 5 minutes from now…. It’s all electronic so you can print it off as many times as you like (and don’t forget to tell your friends)!!

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Have a quick nosey! Just  click….

And just to get you started…

Let’s be Metal Detectives

One of the many fun phonic application activities from Let’s Investigate

Learning Objectives:

To recognise some letters correctly in words

To blend to read simple words and simple sentences



  • Magnets or metal detectors
  • Collect objects including the relevant letters and sounds for each group.  Some of these objects need to be magnetic. Hide these around the outside area for the children to find.
  • Individual word cards for each of the objects, plus the words ‘can’, ‘I’ ‘pick’, and ‘up’
  • Sentence cards for reading ‘Can I pick up a …? ’
  •  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buckets
  • Images of metal detectors and people metal detecting downloaded from the Internet


Explain what a metal detector is and how it works.  Give the children plenty of time to talk about their own knowledge and experiences by looking at the downloaded images.

Explain that the children are going to be metal detectives themselves, investigating to see which objects are magnetic and which are not.

Model and scaffold the language of hypothesising and predicting by showing the children a couple of objects and thinking aloud.

Encourage the children to give their own ideas, extending them by asking for the reasons behind suggestions wherever possible.

Model the reading process using the word cards to match the objects hidden for the group. Point to each letter as the children join in with saying each sound, blending the sounds to read the whole word all together.

Practise reading a few ‘Can I pick up a ….?’ sentences. The children will probably need the process of rereading the sentence after the blending of each new word demonstrating in detail.

Give the children a sentence card each to read independently. On reading a sentence, each child should be given the time to locate and then test the relevant object with their metal detectors or magnets.  Support and challenge as needed.

Expect the children to make a decision following the experiment with the first object, placing the sentence card in the appropriate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ bucket. Provide the children further sentences to read (the number will depend on how long they are able to concentrate for).

To reinforce the reading in context, gather the children around the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ buckets full of sorted sentences. Read the sentences all together, expecting the children to explain why particular objects were picked up and others weren’t.



Encourage less able children with plenty of adult support. Read the sentences using a collaborative approach, working as a team of ‘investigators’ rather than independently. Careful choice of objects is crucial for these children.

Challenge more able children by providing them with sentences including more complicated phonemes or longer words.

Can the children…

  • Maintain attention and concentration to complete the investigation? With support?
  • Follow the simple instructions ? With support?
  • Take turns with the resources when investigating? With support?
  • Recognise the tricky words ‘yes’ and ‘no’? With support?
  • Blend to read the words on the cards? With support?

Don’t forget to let The Learning Lady know how you got on!

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