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- Friday Jun 23 - 6:05pm

RT @oakwoodEY: "A precious bird! Look! There's a caterpillar. I think it likes my artwork!"
- Thursday Jun 22 - 6:29pm

RT @oakwoodEY: Little log tower inspired the creation of "fairyland". The tiny dots in pic, "raining sweeties"!! Ziney…
- Thursday Jun 22 - 6:29pm

RT @oakwoodEY: Observational drawing of peacock many language opportunities, writing, love of nature and love of art! https://…
- Thursday Jun 22 - 6:28pm

Hands-on #cpd and #schoolimprovement for #eyfs and #phoni- Try #thelearninglady
- Wednesday Jun 21 - 6:30pm

dog 15

dog 15

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