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More from Caine's Arcade- super creative and a world of opportunities!
- Tuesday May 23 - 6:20pm

RT @oakwoodEY: Great problem solving as ch help Jeremiah on his quest to collect 100 stones and then think how to check the count! https://…
- Monday May 22 - 8:50pm

RT @oakwoodEY: After counting in ones and twos, the boys used the sticks of ten cubes. Their own challenge for tomorrow...100 leaves! https…
- Monday May 22 - 8:50pm

RT @oakwoodEY: We now add a cube to represent ch. Then rebuild into tens. Thanks to @karenwildingedu for developing our practice! https://t…
- Monday May 22 - 8:50pm

RT @oakwoodEY: J reached his goal of 100 leaves and 100 rocks. "We've got 200 packed in a bowl which we planned!"
- Monday May 22 - 8:50pm

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