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Who exactly is the Learning Lady?

Welcome To The Learning Lady
The Learning Lady is delighted to offer you an exclusively magical solution to continuing professional development in the Early Years.

As a former Early Years Ofsted Inspector with a wealth of Early Years teaching, leadership and advisory experience, The Learning Lady is an outstanding and passionate specialist in all aspects of Early Years provision. With a keen eye for excellence, she professionally demonstrates first-rate subject knowledge and practical expertise, through a dynamic and compelling approach.


The Learning Lady guarantees your school or setting:

  • Live teaching demonstrations – to encourage
  • Inspirational ideas – to enthuse
  • Delivery of the highest quality – to engage
  • Exclusive materials – to enrich
  • Up- to-date information – to empower
  • Knowledgeable and though provoking reflections – to explore
  • Practical solutions – to embrace
  • Witty case studies – to entertain

….through distinctive, memorable & uplifting CPD sessions which  achieve results.

The magical solution – Inspiring Learning, Improving Teaching

The magic is simple. Through a solutions based approach, The Learning Lady understands that your requirements are unique, so no two professional development solutions will ever be the same. She will professionally create a results-focused, fully customised support package, tailored to your specific requests – for long-term impact.

Emma Spiers (B Ed. Hons) is known to many children
and practitioners as ‘The Learning Lady’.

Professional Development The Learning Lady way …

Throughout her career, Emma has been a passionate advocate of early learning and provision of the highest quality. Her love of learning continues to be a driving force in every aspect of her work, through a forward thinking, down to earth approach.

The Learning Lady method of professional development is wholly ‘hands on ’and original. From the philosophy that practitioners should observe excellence in action, Emma knows that showing rather than telling has the greatest long term impact.  By facilitating practitioners’ reflections she develops confidence, subject knowledge and practice, through a pragmatic and personable  approach. The Learning Lady doesn’t just identify the problems, but finds practical solutions – which are unique to individual circumstance. This results in adults and children who feel empowered and enabled, rather than disheartened and discouraged.

Emma holds the firm belief that adults and children only gain from learning experiences which are practical, fun and engaging, with total relevance. All professional development activities are dynamic and exciting, with bags of ideas which can be instantly implemented with children.

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So when did it all begin?

Emma has had a diverse and varied teaching career, working in a range of schools and settings across England. She has taught and led Early Years and Key Stage One teams in urban and rural settings, managing staff teams of varying size with vision, passion and enthusiasm.

Her career began as a nursery nurse where she developed a thorough working knowledge of the role that the Private Voluntary and Independent sector has to play in achieving quality from birth. The principles of learning, development and care established during this time have remained of paramount importance throughout her career.

As an ‘outstanding’ Leading Teacher and Assistant Head seeking a new challenge, Emma became an Early Years Local Authority consultant in 2007. Emma held two key positions within the Local Authority; leading on all aspects of Communication, Language and Literacy Development (with Phonics as a specialism) and Assessment through the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. She was instrumental in the introduction of the EYFS (to schools and settings), continually demonstrating her expertise in all aspects of Early Years provision through work on transition into Key Stage One.

Achievements have included:

  • Writing published materials to illustrate best practice and quality
  • Coaching and mentoring with teachers, teaching assistants,
    curriculum leaders and pre-school practitioners
  • Providing training and related materials on a wealth of subjects; for practitioners and leaders working with children aged 3-7 years.
  • Presenting conference workshops
  • Delivering workshops for parents
  • Creating collaborative projects between groups of schools
    to achieve long standing good practice networks
  • Developing a Local Authority Leading Teacher programme for Early Literacy and Phonics
  • Monitoring and evaluation activities in schools and settings
  • Analysis and planning from data at Local Authority,
    school and classroom levels
  • Good practice presentations to colleagues at a regional level
  • Long term capacity building placements in school

The Learning Lady is…

  • Experienced in working with groups of adults (and children) of all sizes
  • Delighted to meet your professional development needs – even in the evenings or at weekends
  • Willing to travel to any location
  • The owner of an enhanced CRB certificate
  • Always ready to help!


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